Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

To book an appointment, please first read this webpage: https://mohsinhealth.com/consultation/ .  Then you can view the schedule and book an appointment at https://mohsinhealth.appointlet.com/

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you fill out the relevant forms at least 3 days before your consultation.  We will not be able to give you any recommendations without you first providing this information.  The forms can be downloaded at https://mohsinhealth.com/consultation/

If you are in the UK, your consultation will be in-person at our clinic on 446 East Park Road, Leicester, LE5 5HH.  If you are outside of the UK, your consultation will take place via Skype voice call.

To order medicines or products, please go to https://mohsinhealth.com/consultation/ .  UK and International shipping options are available and will be calculated for you automatically by the website, before checkout.

If you are a CoMHA student, a practitioner, or a wholesale customer, our website is equipped to handle your orders.  Please set up an account at https://mohsinhealth.com/my-account/ – then send us an email to tell us that your student/practitioner/wholesale account needs activating.  You only need to do this once, after which you will be able to place orders through the website.

If you have been given a custom-made prescription by the practitioner (i.e. if it has a handwritten label with your name on it), please fill out the form at https://forms.gle/25mLaLPTUArmPG2m6 to order a repeat medicine.

If you have an update, or have questions for the practitioner, please make sure you include the patient’s full name and date of birth in your email.  Our admin team will pass the questions to the practitioner, and we will respond as soon as possible.

If your message is confidential, and you would only like the practitioner to see it, please email clinic@MohsinHealth.co.uk

If you wish to learn about taking care of health and wellbeing, and/or becoming a practitioner, please visit www.CoMHA.org.uk for details on online and in-person courses.  If you have further questions, email admissions@CoMHA.org.uk

For a free online mini-course, go to www.CoMHA.org.uk/7s

The delivery charge is calculated by weight, with heavier items costing more than lighter ones. You’ll see this calculated in your basket. Delivery is free for orders over £50! (Applies to UK orders only)


All orders are dispatched within 1-3 working days after the order has been made, subject to stock availability. Delivery times can vary, but we aim, through our partners, to deliver within 5-7 days on standard size orders. If your order is delayed, and it is within our knowledge, we will email you promptly.

Please contact us by email or phone if you wish to make a purchase for delivery outside the UK.

We will make delivery to your address as stated when you set up an account or update that address. We reserve the right not to deliver to all locations and we will tell you when you apply to register an account with us whether we can deliver to your address. You are responsible for making suitable arrangements to receive your delivery and giving us appropriate instructions. 

In the event that your delivery is stolen or damaged at your doorstep, we will not accept any liability, and compensation will remain at our discretion.

We reserve the right to refuse orders from any customer. Considerations of delivery problems may give rise to such a refusal.

Any changes to address details must be made before the order deadline is published on our website. We endeavour to keep your delivery day the same, but we reserve the right to change it temporarily or permanently and will tell you if we do so.

If we are unable to deliver to you, or have to postpone delivery, for reasons beyond our control, such as, adverse weather conditions, strike actions, vehicle breakdown, traffic congestion or supplier failure, we will not accept liability for any inconvenience or loss that this may cause. We will not, of course, charge for products unless or until we have delivered them to you.

We will not charge you for incorrect products (where you have received products that you have not ordered or where substitutes of ordered products are not acceptable to you) or products which we have not delivered in accordance with our ‘Terms and Conditions’. Otherwise our liability in respect of incorrect delivery is limited to the price of the incorrect products or the products not so delivered subject as provided in paragraph 10 in the ‘Terms & Conditions’.

You must inspect the products as soon as possible after delivery and notify us promptly if you find any defects, by calling, emailing, or writing to us at the telephone number or address shown on our website. We will replace or refund you for defective products; otherwise our liability is limited.

In your first consultation, one of our practitioners will make an assessment of your health, taking note of current symptoms, health history and may use pulse reading and iridology.  An individual treatment programme will be provided for you, together with a guide to duration and cost of treatment options.
Every person and their condition is unique. The aim of holistic treatment is to achieve optimum health, which varies from individual to individual. Response to treatment depends on a number of factors, including: your overall state of health, seriousness of your current conditions, previous treatments, and your willingness to follow recommendations regarding your lifestyle and natural medicines.

After your consultation, if and when appropriate, you may be advised to take certain natural medicines and/or supplements. The cost for this will approximately be £30 to £90 per month’s supply.

Please visit our ‘Consultation Page’ for more information.

Yes we do. 

Click here to download your consultation pack which includes:

  1. A Patient Intake Form (3 pages).

  2. A 3-Day Food Diary.

  3. A Medicine and Supplement Form.

  4. A Nutritional Profile Questionnaire.

You will need to complete these forms and submit them to us. You may either:

Print, fill out and bring these forms with you to the consultation, or alternatively, you can fill them electronically and e-mail to us a day before your consultation.

Also, for your information, is included:

  1. A leaflet introducing our Well-Being Centre including terms and conditions.

  2. An article on Tibb Medicine.

You can either Click Here to book online, or call us on (+44) (0)116 273 8614

To book with consultant (Herbalist) M. Salim. Khan, fees are £95 per adult and £75 for children (under 16) and elderly (65+), payable at the time of booking your appointment. His current availability is on Saturdays only. Visit the online Appointments Calendar for booking your slot.

For a consultation with Ainsley Macadam, registered medical herbalist (Unani Tibb), fees are £50 per adult and £40 for children (under 16) and elderly (65+), payable at the time of booking your appointment.  Please check with Well-Being Centre for her availability.

If you wish to change or cancel your appointment, please give at least 48 hours notice, failing which you may lose your consultation fee. A 48 hour prior notice of cancellation will qualify for a refund (with a deduction of £10 for card or bank transactions, and £5 for cash, to cover administration costs).

Online (PayPal):

Credit or Debit Card (over the Phone):

Please call us on (+44) (0)116 273 86 14

E-mail info@mh.comha.org.uk for details.

Cash in person only.

Our Opening Times: Monday to Thursday 10:00am – 1:00pm and 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Mohsin Health 
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Telephone: +44 (0) 116 273 8614 
Email: info@mh.comha.org.uk

Yes we do. Please visit  our college website for accredited courses in herbal and alternative medicine. 

Please click here for more information on herbalist Salim Khan

Yes we do. Please click here to find out more.