Embracing Autumn 2023

The months of autumn (fall) are called the period of tranquillity of conduct. This is also known as the period of closing and storing, especially with the harvest which usually happens at this time.

For our bodies, autumn is an optimum time for detox, for reflecting on our lives and decluttering. It can be a time of quietness, prayer, meditation and going out to witness nature’s beauty.

This autumn, think of ways where you can spend time witnessing the beauty of nature, and if you don’t already, consider maintaining a practice of regular nature walks and daily meditation.


A Warm Welcome From M Salim Khan, Herbalist and Nutritionist

M Salim Khan MD (MA) MH DO is an international authority on Islamic medicine, also known as Tibb, in practice since 1978.

Hakim Salim has trained in herbal medicine, osteopathy, iridology, and nutrition. His teachers include Shabeer Hussain (ra), Moulana Nisaar (ra) Ahmed, Hakim Nabi Khan (ra), Dr BC Jensen, and Farida Sharan. He a trustee of the World Unani Foundation and presides over The Guild of Unani Tibb as well as The Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists International, two UK-based professional associations.

Hakim Salim is the director of Mohsin Health clinic and products, and the Principal of the College of Medicine and Healing Arts. We welcome you to our website where you can learn more about our health consultations, browse our 100% natural hand-prepared herbal products, and access free holistic health information.

Herbalist M Salim Khan Shows And Tells About His Herbal Practice For The BBC

Herbalist M Salim Khan Talks About Temperaments On The Safina Society Podcast

Herbalist Salim Khan's Key Speech At Parliament Quarters (London, UK) on 11th February 2019. Click image for details.

Watch herbalist Salim Khan featured in a BBC Documentary

Listen to the latest podcast of herbalist Salim Khan on the 'Four Temperaments'

Taking Care of Your Health in the COVID-19 Crisis

Are you confused, concerned and worried for your family and friends, in regard to COVID-19?  We have especially created a resource page based on the blessed Prophetic tradition of Tibb-un-Nabawi and traditional Islamic medicine also known as Unani Tibb.  We have been in practice for over 40 years, helping 1000s of patients from various walks of life, backgrounds, and ages.


Handmade from 100% natural and organic ingredients, and blended with a delicate infusion of aromatic herbs, Reyvibe is amazingly useful for an energy-intensive lifestyle.

What Our Patients Say

"After visits to Mohsin Well-Being Centre, I have noticed significant improvements, not only with my skin condition, but with my overall health. I would recommend others to invest in improving their health too. After all, our health is the most valuable asset we have." 

Mr. K.L, Leicester

“I went to Salim Khan with lack of energy, anxiety and hair loss. Now I have a healthy head of hair (better than ever before!) and my energy levels are way higher. I have completely restructured my life. Thankfully, now I take no time off sick.” 

Ms. K.S, Lincoln

"I was diagnosed with a chronic disease about 4 years ago. I tried all different medications from NHS specialists, but nothing really helped. I finally booked a consultation with Salim Khan at Mohsin Well-Being Centre. Since then I feel much more revitalised and healthier."

Mr M.S.A, Blackburn