Who We Are

Mohsin Health is about restoring health through a natural mode of treatment known as Tibb. This method follows an individualised system of natural therapy geared towards maximising optimum balance, and thereby, overall health. A holistic and comprehensive approach ensures the patient and practitioner both work together in a synchronised plan of action.

Our approach is based on the whole person and use of natural medicaments and therapies only. Our primary emphasis is on preservation of health. We use unique diagnostic methods of natural medicine such as iridology, which allow for an early detection of illness.

We offer a range of safe, effective and natural therapies, including:

  • Traditional (Unani/Tibb) Medicine 

  • Lifestyle Balancing (Asbaab Sittah) 

  • Diet Therapy Counselling and Psychotherapy (Nafsiyat)

  • Iridology Assessments


The Well-Being Centre
The centre (established in 1978) has a pleasant and relaxed environment and provides individually planned treatments to meet each patient’s needs and circumstances. 
The services and products are based on the eastern wisdoms of health found in the traditions of Tibb, also know as Unani Herbal Medicine. ‘Tibb’, literally meaning ‘nature’, is a universal tradition of natural medicine, bringing together the holistic healing traditions of Europe and Asia. We hope to share these eastern wisdoms of health, making them relevant for today’s modern living.

Consultations are by appointment, and are always private and confidential. Before any advice or treatment is given, an initial face-to-face consultation is necessary in order to establish your individual constitution and temperament (Tabiyat / Mizaj).

The Patient
Every person and their complaint is unique. The aim of holistic treatment is to achieve optimum health, which is different for each individual. Response to treatment depends on a number of factors, including: your overall state of health, seriousness of your current conditions, previous treatments & your willingness to follow recommendations regarding your lifestyle & medication. After the consultation, the patient is provided with a personalised ‘Health Improvement Plan’. 

Who We Can Help
We help adults and children with many conditions, including:

  • overweight or underweight, digestive issues and poor nutrition
  • skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo & acne
  • sexual health including sexual weakness, infertility and PMT
  • fatigue, low energy, and ME
  • stress, depression, anxiety and insomnia
  • asthma, hay fever and bronchitis
  • back pain, arthritis and rheumatism

    Mohsin Health Products
    Mohsin Health Products was set up by Mr Salim Khan’s sons in 2008 – supported initially by the Princes Trust – to make herbal & natural health remedies available for the benefit of all. These ‘tried & tested’ products are available from the Well-Being Centre on East Park Road and through the web store.


Our philosophy

... is based on the Eastern wisdom of health, found in the traditions of Tibb, also known as Unani Medicine. ‘Tibb’ literally means ‘nature’, and is a universal tradition of holistic medicine. It brings together the natural healing traditions of Europe and Asia. We aim to make the wonders and benefits of this wisdom easily accessible to our patients

Treatment Plan

... usually includes herbal remedies and food based supplements, as well as changes in diet and regime. A typical consultation covers all aspects of your health – physical & emotional state, current symptoms and family history.The tongue, pulse and iris are checked to assess your condition and the treatment aims to improve your overall health and vitality, not just the illness from which you may currently suffer.


The visionary

Meet Salim Khan

Mohsin Well-Being Centre was established in 1978 by ‘Hakeem’ (Arabic: ‘Healer / Herbalist’) Salim Khan, now a world renowned practitioner and teacher of traditional Tibb/Unani herbal medicine. In over 35 years’ successful clinical experience in the UK, Herbalist Salim Khan has helped thousands of people afflicted with a wide range of illnesses achieve better health and greater vitality.

‘Once the condition of wholeness and balance was a norm for most people; however, as people and societies moved away from the natural order, disharmony in the body and diseases increased. We aim to help people return to a balanced position and optimum health.’

Herbalist Salim Khan

Come and see for yourself how the power of natural medicine can help you!