Easy Digest Professional 300g


300 grams

A traditional blend of natural herbs and spices in a high quality potent form – an electuary. May improve and aid digestion, remove constipation and bad breath.

 Why Easy Digest Professional?

Digestion is the hub of all systems of the body, so it’s vitally important that it be nurtured and cared for to maintain overall good health.


Based on a traditional Tibb formula considered to increase the innate metabolic heat and found to be effective as a digestive aid. Mohsin Easy Digest Professional may also help to enhance the functions of all organs involved in the digestive process and reduce phlegm in the body. Easy Digest Professional has a formulation which is magnificently complicated yet delicately balanced, incorporating seventeen exceptional, traditional herbs naturally preserved in pure honey.

Using the healing wisdom of Tibb Unani medicine, this product is formulated by qualified herbalists. 


Take 5 grams, twice a day with meals and warm water, or as advised by your health practitioner.


Galanga, Balm of Giliad, Chinese Cinnamon, Cinnamon, Saffron, Sweet Cyperus, Cardamom, Myrtle, Chiretia, Costus, Cloves, Catkins, Black Pepper, Mastic Gum, Valerian, honey, Indian Valerian and Ginger.


Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.


Help in eradicating constipation
Help to remove bad breath
Aid in removing flatulence
Aid in weight loss
Help strengthen the peristaltic movements of the intestines
Increase digestive heat
Increase vitality
Reduce excess phlegm in the body