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Islamic Medicine: An Introduction (6th Edition)



This book explains the history and philosophy of Islamic Medicine and explores its psychological and physiological concepts.

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About This Book

In the centre of naturopathic and herbal medicine is a living healthcare tradition called Tibb. Prophetic medicine provided the foundation, and over time integrated elements from Egypt, India, China and classical Greece. Tibb is an Arabic word, which in different places has been referred to as Arabic, Greco-Arab, Hikmah, Islamic and Sufi medicine.

This is the first systematic study of Tibb – Islamic Medicine – as a living tradition, by a practising Hakim, to be published in the English language. Originally published in 1986, this is the 6th edition expanded with practical resources.

This book introduces the reader to Tibb as a holistic paradigm of health. It explains the history and philosophy of Islamic Medicine, as well as its psychological and physiological concepts. The book discusses Tibb’s theory of causes, diagnostic methods and offerings for preventative healthcare.

About The Author

Herbalist M Salim Khan MD (MA) MH DO has practised Tibb [Whole-Person Healthcare & Medicine] since 1978. His teachers and inspirations in Tibb include Shabeer Husain Sahib (ra), Moulana Nisaar Ahmed (ra) and Hakim Nabi Khan Sahib (ra). He trained in herbal medicine and osteopathy with the General Council and Register of Consultant Medical Herbalists (now IRCH). He studied iridology and nutrition with Dr. B. C. Jensen and Farida Sharan. Thereafter, he taught nutrition and iridology at the School of Iridology and Wholistic Healing, Cambridge, England.

M Salim Khan has the privilege of being the president of Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists International (GNI) and The Guild of Unani Tibb (TGU). He is also a trustee of the World Unani Foundation (WUF). He is the director of Mohsin Health, and the principal of the College of Medicine and Healing Arts – or CoMHA, both based in Leicester, UK.

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