Nutrition & Prevention

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The stomach is the pool of the body, and the vessels lead to it. When the stomach is healthy, the vessels convey health from it, when the stomach is ill, the vessels convey illness.”

“Nothing can be more important or necessary to know than the science of nutrition; so let your medicine be your food, and your food your medicine.”

“A good and proper diet in disease is worth a hundred medicines, and no amount of medication can do good to a patient who does not observe a strict regimen of diet.”

“Most illnesses, even those which lead the sufferer to the specialist, arise solely from long-continued errors of diet and regime.”

“Whatsoever was the father of the disease, an ill diet was the mother.”

Preventative Programme


The primary emphasis at the Mohsin Well-Being Centre is on preservation of health. The unique diagnostic methods of natural medicine, such as iridology, allow for an early detection of illness. 

The comprehensive range of prevention programmes recreates a natural state of balance in the body, strengthening the whole system. The prevention programmes are based on your individual body type (mizaj) and your current health status. Contact us to learn more on the preventative programme. 

People, by and large, wish to abstain from un-nourishing and unwholesome foods, but majority are truly unaware of what really constitutes 'Nutritious Food'.

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