Herbal Medicine Course

“Every simple plant remedy is blessed and gifted by God and his handmaiden nature to such extent that, according to its own nature and way, it has the power to heal, strengthen, allay pain, cool, warm up, purge and sweat.” Hierymus Bock​


Herbal medicine is the oldest form of medicine in the world, used by people of all different cultures. Herbal remedies are the most useful, safe, effective and easily available treatment relevant to today’s health needs. There is currently a great reawakening towards discovering again the roots of wisdom-based traditions of herbal medicine. The ‘College of Medicine and Healing Arts’ offers a Diploma in Herbal & Naturopathic Medicine based on the Unani Tibb tradition.


Healing With Herbs

In herbal medicine, the range and diversity of techniques and substances used to maintain health and cure disease are many and varied. The range of plants used in herbal medicine reflects the accumulation of knowledge, experience and wisdom contained within the Unani Tibb tradition. It also demonstrates the wide range of richness that exists in nature’s treasury.

In Ṭibb, there is a distinction between Mufradāt – single medicaments, and Murākabāt – compound medicaments. The traditional use of individual remedies in the prevention and treatment of various conditions still continues to be practised as the therapy of choice. The use of the individual remedy is based on sound theoretical foundation and is supported by observations and experiments of countless generations by reputable teachers and practitioners. This systematic experience and knowledge is considerable and constitutes important treasure in plant medicines.

Unani Ṭibb is a vast source of riches with increasing interest in its natural medicines and specifically plant remedies. Plant medicaments are used as whole plants whenever possible. The synergistic use of plants is an established practice. Each substance is used in its active biological state rather than isolating a specific chemical or pharmacologically active element. The use of the whole plant is a classical method supported by analytical data and clinical practice.


Diploma in Herbal Medicine

The aim of our Diploma in Herbal & Naturopathic Medicine (Unani Tibb) is for the graduate to be able to run a safe, effective, legal and financially viable naturopathic and herbal practice based on the Unani Tibb tradition, incorporating useful knowledge and skills from Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM).