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Tips for Overcoming Food Cravings




Tibb and natural medicine, taking a holistic view of food and health, can offer help. This article mainly deals with improper eating and drinking.

Some individuals attempt to solve their emotional difficulties by eating. Eating can provide certain chemicals that produce a sense of well-being or short term happiness.

However this option often leads to further emotional and physical problems such as weight gain etc.

Improper eating leads to craving when the diet is not rich in necessary nutrients, which keep the body balanced. The person does not feel satisfied at the end of their meal.

The most common causes of food cravings and compulsive eating are:
– Spiritual imbalance.
– Unfulfilled emotional needs.
– Chemical or endocrine imbalance.
– Improper eating and drinking.

Here we look at the food cravings that arise from improper diet and provide some safe and natural solutions to overcome this problem:

  • Try using a teaspoon of honey after your main meals.
  • Prepare a delicious drink by mixing honey in warm water, adding a few drops of fresh lemon or lime juice. Drink before your main meals.
  • Use Mohsin ‘Detox & Slim Tea’, after your main meals, this specific formulation helps to improve your metabolism and removes the need for sweet foods.
  • You may wish to use Shilajit or Himalayan Mineral Tonic after your main meals. This preparation is formulated to boost your metabolism, gives strength to your mind and body, and, due to its abundance of bio- available minerals, it helps lessen food cravings.
  • Include bitter and pungent food item in your diet every day. Some examples of bitters are: bitter melon, fenugreek (fresh or dry), chicory, dandelion, rocket, turmeric.

Examples of pungent are: most spices, ginger, cumin, radishes.

Over time, these actions will balance your body and mind, improve your metabolisms, lessen and eventually remove food cravings!

At Mohsin Health we always work in a way that is ‘holistic’ – meaning we look at your whole health not just one aspect of it.



This information is provided for education and information purposes only. Please consult your healthcare professional for personal advice.

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