Constipation~ “The Foundation of All Diseases”

Constipation is the most common gastro-intestinal complaint all over the world. According to the naturopathic definition, Constipation is an epidemic. In the School of Greco-Arabian Medicine, Constipation is known as: “Um-ul-Amraz”– “The Mother of All Diseases” “Death Begins in the Colon” is a well-known maxim within naturopathic system of medicine.

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The Wonders of Honey

The beauty of honey is that it is natural, safe, delicious to use and available all the year round. There are hundreds of studies all over the world confirming the usefulness of honey as a food and medicine.

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Tips For Overcoming Food Cravings

Tips for Overcoming Food Cravings  Introduction Tibb and natural medicine, taking a holistic view of food and health, can offer help. This article mainly deals with improper eating and drinking.Some individuals…

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Tibb – Médecine Holistique

Tibb - Médecine Holistique  Tibb – Médecine Holistique  Introduction : Dans la civilisation traditionnelle du Moyen Orient, de l’Inde et de la Chine, nous trouvons certains des plus anciens et…

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